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The Mother Court of Canada

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Empress XLIV Babette Co Taylor


Upper house: 
                 Imperial Crown Prince                      XLIV Prince Triton                   
Imperial Crown Princess    XLIV Ivanna Phoque
Imperial Crown Princess            XLIV Miss Understood

It also gives us great pleasure to announce the 1/2 Emperors and Out of Town 1/2 Empresses to the XLIII house

 In town Emperor XLIV 1/2,                     Emperor XLIII JJ Nation
                       In Town Emperor XLIV 1/2                        Emperor XLII Cory Surreal Fox Carmichael
                       Canadian Emperor XLIV 1/2,                    Emperor X of Surrey BC, David Royale
In Town Empress XLIII 1/2    Empress XXXII of Vancouver BC, Estie Louder                     
                       Canadian Empress XLIII 1/2                 Empress XV of Winnipeg, Satina Loren                                                    

Our Charities this year
Friends for Life
Sage Food Bank
Out In Schools

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